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Look At Pioche

Rentals are so hard to find in Las Vegas that Cynthia has expanded to Pioche. She also found that there were zero Property Managers in Pioche. So that was a win-win and a new adventure.

It’s one of Nevada’s oldest mining towns and has a very rich history. There are currently two properties available for rent in Pioche, Nevada. If you are looking for a weekend getaway second home, bug out home base or looking to move out of the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Valley, I highly recommend Pioche in Lincoln County.

Pioche is believed to be a ghost town due to its former silver mining boom days of the late 1800’s. It has an elevation just over 6000' so expect some some and cool temperatures.

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Pioche remains the county seat of Lincoln County, Nevada. Cedar City and St George Utah are nearby. Easy access to museums, Library, DMV and all county services. Lincoln County is home to five state parks – each with it’s own personality

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